Boys Tennis Goes Out With a Win

Every team has the tradition of honoring their senior players on the last home game in an event that displays the appreciation the team has for the eldest players and their parents. Junior Bradley Staszeski (11) is one player who was not looking forward to this night.

“No, [I’m not excited to be a senior next year]. I have a lot of senior friends. It was fun the last three years and now their leaving,” Staszewski said.

Senior night tends to cause the athletes to realize that it’s all over.

“It is depressing knowing that it is the last home match. It was nostalgic,” Charles Sayger (12) said.

Although the night shows the players everything that they are going to miss about their season, there are also some positives.

“It is bittersweet, but it felt good to go out winning,” Mathew Falcon (12) said.

The boys won the match 5-0 against Michigan City.