Interact brings awareness to Operation Care: Afghanistan


Operation Care: Afghanistan is a non- profit organization devoted to the welfare of people, children especially, in Afghanistan. Interact club was working to raise awareness and donate needed items to Operation Care.

Jovana Dodevska, Author

“Winning hearts and minds, one child at a time” is the slogan for Operation Care, a non-profit organization devoted to the welfare of people in Afghanistan. Interact Club met on March 10 in C313 after school to discuss the program and are hoping to begin collecting items to donate to Operation Care: Afghanistan in the near future.

“[We have helped Operation Care] for two years, and we [are collecting] used clothes, toys, shoes and supplies for the Afghan people. The kids [there] love school supplies; they like drawing and writing, even if they don’t know how yet. [The things we collect] are also given out when families go see a doctor,” Jeccika Scialabba (11) said.

Scialabba is one of the officers in Interact, and she is passionate about contributing to Operation Care: Afghanistan. In the past, the club has been successful in gathering supplies to donate, but she believes that they can always be improving.

“I think [Operation Care] is important because it makes [the people in Afghanistan] happy and honestly, if that doesn’t touch your heart, I don’t know what will. I think it’s great for us to be helping out. I hope it helps others realize that they can be a part of something big and that they will appreciate what they have more,” Scialabba said.

Interact is working on several other projects as well, including the collection of materials for the troops. There are brown paper bags in every classroom where students can drop off magazines, movies, books, handwritten letters or anything else that could help the troops stay entertained.

“I think it’s pretty cool that a soldier who dedicates so much to protect us can be grateful from a short handwritten letter sent from overseas. I suggest anyone else who has a few minutes to do the same,” Jeanine Gilbert (11) said.