Freshmen steal the spotlight


Kassandra Hansen (9) and Olivia Throckmartin (9) show the differences of their characters through pantomiming. “Emotional Baggage” required intricate body language to tell the story because it was a silent show.

Emily Badger, Author

Talent was displayed and skills were gained on Tuesday, March 31, when students involved with freshmen plays met for the first rehearsal.  The four plays are directed by upperclassmen and give freshmen a chance to be in the spotlight.

“It’s a really important opportunity for freshmen to be able to get lead roles in the plays instead of always having to compete with the upperclassmen.  It also gives upperclassmen a chance to direct and understand that side of theater,” Mrs. Pam Neth, English, said.

During rehearsal, each group participated in a read-through of their scripts, discussed their characters, and practiced basic stage blocking.  For some, that was their first time taking the stage.

“[“Emotional Baggage”] is my first play and I’m really excited [to be acting in it].  I think being part of freshmen plays is important because it will prepare me for future productions,” Kassandra Hansen (9) said.

Seasoned directors are also happy to be part of the plays.

“I’ve student directed and stage managed quite a few different shows and I really like it.  There’s challenges that come with it, but it’s really fulfilling to see your visions come to life on stage,” Sarah Colby (12) said.

The next rehearsal will take place April 7.