Varsity Soccer keeps kicking it


Diego Ruiz-Avila (11) passes the ball forward and away from the opposing team. Portage only scored one goal during the game.

Emily Gaines, Author

The boys varsity soccer team beat Portage Wednesday, Aug. 31, with a score of 4-1. They had taken the lead by halftime with a score of 2-0.

“We started off a little slow. We didn’t play as [well as] we usually do, but we got into the rhythm of the game,”  Daniel Picioski (12) said.

The stressful combination of sports and school could explain why the team was not able to play at the top of their game.

“I think just balancing their schedule [can be hard]. [Balancing]  their academic schedule and athletic schedule has been a little much,” Coach Jereme Rainwater, Vocational, said.

The boys are headed to Evansville this weekend for a three-game tournament.

“In Evansville, we try a lot of things [because we’re] outside of the area so [we] get to try new things that are a little bit different. [We will try] some formations that we haven’t worked on [or] how we plan on killing the games at the end of the season,” Coach Rainwater said.

The boys hope that the tournament and their games next week will help them get back to their peak performance.

“We just need to improve how we walk into a game,” Picioski said.