Freshmen boys basketball crushes Lowell


Isaac Heard (9) keeps the ball away from the opponent’s’ attempts to stop him. He was able to maintain control as he performed this maneuver.

Charles DeVries

The freshmen boys basketball team won against Lowell February 2, with nearly double the opponent’s score. The final score was 45-26, a strong win with a lead of 19 points.

“We moved the ball around well. We weren’t selfish with the basketball,” Coach Stephen Fry, Social Studies, said.

In addition to good teamwork and ball control, Mr. Fry believes that the boys’ solid defense helped to contribute to this win.

“Although the the freshmen boys basketball team defeated Lowell, [we could improve on] making some of our layups and easy shots. We missed a couple of them but that happens in every game,” Mr. Fry said.

The boys practiced nearly every day besides Sunday in order to hone their skills. Now that their season is over, some of the boys are ready to get a head start on preparing for next season.

“My advice would be to work hard and go to conditioning to be ready for tryouts,” Nicholas Bandura (9) said.