Meet the Family


Allison Williams as Rose in a scene from the movie "Get Out" directed by Jordan Peele. (Universal Pictures/TNS)

Brianna Clarke

On Friday Feb. 24, the highly anticipated “Get Out” aired in theaters. The arrival of the movie had plenty of hype and controversy leading up to the release. The trailer captured an extremely creepy and eerie feeling and portrayed racial discrimination.

“Get Out” focuses on a mixed racial couple, Chris Washington and his girlfriend Rose Armitage. The couple is planning to go meet Rose’s parents who live in the south, and Chris begins to worry about how Rose’s family will react to him being black. Chris meets Rose’s parents Missy and Dean Armitage and her brother Jeremy Armitage. At first appearance, the family is very accepting of the couple, but continue to make the situation more awkward as the visit continues. The family also has two servants, Georgina and Walter, both of whom are black. Their actions and behavior seem very strange and offputting and make Chris feel uncomfortable and suspicious about the entire situation.

The trip there coincided with the annual family reunion. Friends and family came to the Armitage house. This is when Chris learns about the many black people that have recently gone missing and were never seen again and attempts to make an escape. When Chris isn’t around, the family holds a silent auction for Chris. A blind man, Jim Hudson, has the highest bid and purchases Chris. Just when all hope seems to be out of reach for Chris, his friend Rod appears in his TSA car for Chris’s rescue.

“Get Out” was a mixture of everything. It was a thriller, it had comedy and it brought up serious topics about racism and current events such as cop shootings and politics. The director Jordan Peele was very successful in tackling these serious topics and managed to provoke many reactions from viewers.