Kayla Martin (11) paints a sunflower onto a canvas. Throughout the night, fine arts students showcased their talents and abilities for all attendants to see.

Ruth Chen

As awareness for STEM fields increases, art-driven groups often feel that fine arts is underappreciated.

On Monday, April 3, Lake Central held their first Fine Arts Night, featuring activities from the art classes to theater classes and even performances from the middle school band and choirs.

“I signed up for a shift to do a live drawing, in front of an audience. There were a lot of activities available, the gallery was open, everyone’s art from elementary to high school was there. There was a fun mural activity for the kids. They got to draw their own pieces and make a giant mural of two hands making a heart,” Joyce Cometa (12) said.

The Fine Arts Nights specifically showcased the art department of the school.

“I thought that it was really cool that they [held the Fine Arts Night].I was really surprised by the turnout. There were a lot more people than I thought there would be, and I thought it was cool that the school set a night aside for us. The point of it was to raise awareness of the arts because I feel like the arts go underappreciated in the school,” Isabella Gomez (12) said.

Participants and volunteers alike had fun.

“It was really fun. I got to hang out with my friends when we were at this table we got to chat about everything we [drew]. A lot of the kids were surprised or impressed and I even heard one guy say, ‘I can’t wait to go here,’” Cometa said.

Most importantly, the night provided a way for the community to come together to appreciate what is typically less appreciated.

“I think it went really well because we just usually have our small shows and there isn’t usually a great turnout. But it was really great to see all types of people coming to an arts event and really appreciating it and coming together. It was really cool especially having the principals there, teachers there, even teachers who weren’t in the art field, it was really cool seeing a lot of people being supportive. I definitely think it is something that we should do again next year,” Emily Erickson (12) said.