Review on “Dunkirk”


A British soldier is standing on Dunkirk beach watching as Germany continues to attack. Dunkirk was released in theaters on Friday, July 21. Photo credit to Google Images.

Madelyn Niewaiadomski


Directioners have been raving about the movie “Dunkirk” ever since they’d found out that Harry Styles, former member of One Direction, would be in the cast.

The movie was based on the starting months of World War Two when Germany invaded France in May of 1940. The French gained help from the British and Dutch, but their allied troops were trapped on the beaches of Dunkirk. The movie did a great job on showcasing the reality of soldiers’ lives at war. The scenes were very action-packed, with great battle scenes. I will say I felt like it was a movie that students of a world history class would be watching in school.

I had expected more of a storyline for all of the hype surrounding this movie. Instead, I found it to be rather boring. There was very little dialogue between the characters which left me confused as to what was happening half of the time. There were a lot of scenes of battle mushed together without any personal story behind it. The story of the character George was unrelated to the storyline for he was just a random kid, not related anyhow to the war who decided to go help at Dunkirk, but then ended up dying. The movie makers made it seem like it was a huge plot twist when it had no impact on the plot whatsoever.

The plot was scattered for there were different points of the plot that would pop up at random times. For example, it would go from the point of view from the main character Tommy down at the beach just walking around to a scene of the Air Force talking to each other while flying the planes to a scene of different people doing different things unrelated to what the last scene was. There was no sort of explanation to help the viewer understand the background information on the war or even point of the war in general. Overall, I can say that for $11.19, it was not worth watching a movie I could barely make sense of.