Q&A: David Salinas (11)


Lilly Schroeder

   Q: What position do you play?

   A: “I play offensive line and right tackle.”


   Q: How long have you played that position?

   A: “I moved from right guard to right tackle when I got to high school, which is pretty similar.”


   Q: How has being on the team affected your time management skills?

   A: “I’ve had to focus more on finding the right time to do stuff, having that after school activity means that you have to go home and do homework right away.”


   Q: What is a normal day like for someone on the football team?

   A: “I wake up in the morning just like everyone else and take the bus to school and get to class on time. When the bell rings I go to the locker room to get ready and talk to friends. At practice we put in the work for the games. I go home at 5:45, take a shower and eat, after that I do homework and go to bed.” 


   Q: How have you found Lake Central’s football program to differ from Mount Carmel’s?

   A: “They are pretty similar, Mount Carmel’s had a lot less people than Lake Central’s. and the way they approach football, like at Mount Carmel there was a lot less passing, more running, I think we had two pass plays the entire season at Mount Carmel, while at LC there is a lot more focus on passing.”


   Q: How do you feel about the student section themes and how do they motivate the team?

   A: “I think they do motivate the team, when you come out there and see everyone in the student section it really just gets us motivated to play and just feels really good to see.”


   Q: Would you say that being on the football team has helped you make more friends?

   A: “Yeah definitely, I knew some people when I came back to the Lake Central corporation, but I met new people that I probably would have never met, because there are some people I don’t have classes with, but are on the football team so I know them.”


   Q: For someone who wants to be apart of the team next year what would you tell them to do to best prepare them and improve their skills?

   A: “You put a lot of work in during the summer so be prepared to have a different summer break, a lot of it is spent getting better at football, like you have practice in the morning, Grand Valley Camp in the summer, you also can’t go home after practice and watch tv or play video games for an hour or something and then do your homework, you need to get your homework done right away, so you really need to focus on school work first, and then you can have fun.” 


   Q: When you are on the field, what are some things you can hear from the student section when they get loud, or is it just complete concentration?

   A: “It’s a lot of concentration, but I feel like that’s every sport. Like in baseball, you can’t hear people from the crowd really yelling because you’re focused in, but if someone is really loud you can hear them scream stuff, sometimes it’s funny, and sometimes it’s motivation stuff, but a lot of the time you are in the zone and can’t really hear.”  


   Q: What would you say the biggest difference between JV and Varsity is?

   A: “Probably the fans, at JV games there’s not a lot of fans there, but sometimes that’s good because there’s less pressure.”


   Q: In the football world who is your biggest inspiration, Why?

   A: “I like Mitchell Trubisky, quarterback for the bears, just because I’m a bears fan. I didn’t use to watch that much football, but playing it really makes you get into it, and I really like watching the NFL now.”