Running for the community


Mrs. Louise Tallent, FACS, along with two friends run to the finish line with a Lake Central flag. They were running the Tri Kappa Tie Dyed Dash, a 5K run/walk on April 12.

Sara Lisac and Sara Lisac

Lake Central students and teachers, as well as families from the community, participated in the Tri Kappa Tie Dyed Dash this past Saturday, April 12 in Schererville. The 5K run/walk was sponsored by the Zeta Psi Chapter of Tri Kappa, an organization of Dyer, St John and Schererville communities that raises money to other various organizations.

Saturday was was the the first time that Zeta Psi Chapter of Tri Kappa held this specific event and they aimed to attract a different crowd.

“We have held 5Ks before, but we wanted to have a family-oriented run where they could have strollers and wagons,” Mrs. Lisa Brumm, member of the organization, said.

Runners of all ages joined the run/walk that morning. The money collected from the event will be donated to local organizations involving education, charity and culture.

“I just like running and Tri Kappa is a really great organization. It was a double plus because I was staying healthy and helping the community at the same time,” Samantha Kowalski (12) said.

Along with idea of contributing to the community, families, students and teachers were interested in attending the event simply because it was a fun run. As the runners traveled through the course they were drenched in color.

“I came because I enjoy running and the fact that there was color, I knew that my kids would enjoy it,” Mrs. Angela Ohlenkamp, Math, said.

Members of Tri Kappa and participants of the run were pleased with the outcome of the first time event.

“I think it went well. The weather was amazing. I was happy with the turn out, but I hope next year it grows even larger,” Brumm said.