It gets more Awkward

Senior year began for Jenna, Matty, Tamara, Jake and Sadie on April 15, as MTV’s “Awkward.” started back for its fourth season.

Ashley Rickards stars as Jenna Hamilton, a high school student who gains immediate, but unwanted, attention when an accident gets mistaken as a suicide attempt. “Awkward.,” as the name suggests, is a comedy show following Jenna and her awkward life throughout her high school years at Palos Hills High School.

In season three, Jenna and her boyfriend, Matty, broke up because Jenna cheated on him with another guy, Collin. Jenna has a new philosophy for her senior year: try to stay away from boy drama, and focus on school. Her philosophy didn’t last very long because she figures out that she is still not over Matty.

As season three ended, Tamara and Jake (friends of Jenna and Matty) were going strong, but as season four begins, Jake has changed and Tamara is school-obsessed. This relationship doesn’t last, according to the season preview shown after the episode, but how will it end? Will they end up back together? Only time will tell.

As this season premiered, MTV introduced a new character, Eva. She seems nice, but does she have a secret agenda? Matty seemed to be taking a liking to her, but will she like him back? Will she date her new friend’s ex-boyfriend? What is her deal? Again, only time will tell.

Next, there’s Sadie Saxton. Sadie is forward, self-confident and, a majority of the time, rude. She tells everyone at school that her Twitter is making her a lot of money, but in reality, Sadie is working at a bratwurst truck downtown. I liked seeing that Sadie isn’t just all jokes and rude remarks and she actually has to work at something.

This season will hold the answers to all of these questions and more as “Awkward.” returns each Tuesday night at 9:00 p.m. until the season finale.