Practice after hours

Hannah Bryner and Hannah Bryner

In the end of February, optional prep classes started being held after school on Mondays for juniors to reevaluate their skills and prepare for the ACT test, which will be taken on Wednesday, April 23.

“Each class we discuss a different subject that is on the ACT. There are different teachers for each subject that is on the test,” Jacob Marcinek (11) said.

Each Monday the students would spend two hours learning the proper techniques and test-taking strategies. Some of the students had opinions on sitting in the classroom.

“The classes were kind of a drag, but I think it was beneficial because I learned a lot of test-taking techniques that I didn’t know before,” Nikola Tepsic (11) said.

Tepsic found the time in class to be worthwhile, whereas other students did not find the value of the class.

“I do not think the ACT class benefited me whatsoever. I do not advise freshmen or sophomores to take the class. I don’t feel like I learned anything new,” Jacob Vervlied (11) said.

On Monday, April 7, the students went to the class for three and a half hours to take a practice test and implement the skills that they had learned for eight weeks.

“I choked on the practice test, but it prepared me for the real one,” Tepsic said.

Between the lessons taught in the class and the practice test, many students who attended the class hope to have a better knowledge of how to get a good score on the ACT.

“The class taught me proper strategies and the teachers told us exactly what would be on the test, with the amount of questions,” Marcinek said.

The ACT will be given to juniors at school on Wednesday, April 23. Freshmen and sophomores will be taking the ACT Plan exam, while seniors will be doing college visits, job shadowing or community service.