A paid day off

Paige Chelbana and lakecentralnews

Freshmen, sophomores and juniors all spent approximately three hours taking ACTs on April 23. But what about the seniors? What did they do on their day off? The answer: whatever they wanted.

“It was my birthday and I went to a Hawks game,” Kristen Steliga (12) said.

Steliga wasn’t the only one. Plenty of students found fun things to do to entertain themselves on their “paid day off.”

“I went to Round the Clock, then I went bowling and slept a lot,” Brandon Cole (12) said.

However, some students did more productive things, but not exactly what the school administration expected of the seniors. Their hope was that they’d spend the day job-shadowing or visiting a college, but most did not.

“I came [to school] to work on my PSA [public service announcement] for intensive writing in the lab,” Ryan Kemp (12) said.

The minority of the senior class who did come to school had no classes to attend. They were able to work in the library until 6th hour matrix, the one class that seniors were expected to go to.

“I actually had to come [to school] all day. But, my boyfriend did bring me McDonald’s and we played cards. It really wasn’t that bad,” Meggan Glista (12) said.

Many seniors took it upon themselves to relax and have a fun day off of school, and they find it to be justifiable.

“Most seniors already know what they’re going to do after high school, so why go for college visits?” Jessica Coniglio (12) said.

Others just decided senioritis was taking over and they needed some rehabilitation if they are expected to finish the school year.


“It’s a day we already had done. We already took the ACTs and got them out of the way. We needed a break,” Janey Graham (12) said.