Seniors prepare for senior banquet

Which senior will win best smile? Who will be awarded class clown? Who has been the best dressed? The winners of these awards and many others will be announced at the senior banquet.

Students waited in line for their tickets for the annual banquet April 29 and 30 in the Town Square.  Tickets cost $30, but plan on possibly investing in a costume if you don’t have one at home.   The banquet  will take place on May 16 at Villa Cesare from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

“I’m excited because it’s time to graduate, and it’s just seniors.  It’s not formal and you can dress like a goof,” Samantha Kowalski (12) said.

Seniors have an exciting night of dancing, dining, and costumes ahead of them which will add to all of the memories they have shared with their classmates over the course of their high school careers.  This night is dedicated exclusively for seniors and honors their contribution to the school and hard work during their time at Lake Central.

“I’m mostly excited to see who gets what awards,” Wyatt Sommer (12) said.

Every year students attempt to piece together the perfect costume for this event.  Arriving at the banquet all decked out is half the fun.  Everyone aims to impress and to live up to the standards set by seniors’ costumes from past years.   Many people coordinate their costumes with their close friends or sometimes with a teacher.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing creative costume ideas from students,” Dr. Dustin Verpooten, Science, said.

Saying goodbye to teachers and classmates at the end of high school can be bittersweet for some, but seniors still look forward to this night that is just for them, and to the adventures that wait for them after graduation.

“You can wear anything you want, it’s gonna get real weird,” Danielle Kanosky (12) said.

If you haven’t purchased your ticket yet, you still can. See Ms. Wadycki or Mrs. Verpooten about purchasing tickets in Room 9114 as soon as possible.