The Crowning

A lot of high school students dream of being crowned Prom King or Queen at their high school’s prom. Being nominated King, Queen, Prince, or Princess would put a smile on anyone’s face, and that is why this year’s students that are nominated are thrilled to be on court.

“It’s awesome being able to represent the student body and my class, and it makes it that much more awesome that my student body wants me up there,” Brooke Lambert (12) said.

This year’s prom has nominated a variety of students from the school.

“When you think of the typical prom queen or prom princess you think of a petite, girly girl and I’m the complete opposite of that, so I think it’s pretty cool that I got nominated,” Jillian Doan (11) said.

It was a surprise for some of the nominees to receive their purple slip during school, informing them that they are on Lake Central’s Prom Court for 2014.

“I feel surprised that I’m on court but it makes me really happy that I was recognized to be able to do that and I think it’s really cool,” Tarah Hamby (11) said.
Whether it was someone’s first or third time being nominated to be on court, the court’s nominees are thrilled for the night of Prom.