Divergence is key

Hannah Reed and Hannah Reed

People have been saying Divergent is a knock-off of The Hunger Games. Though it’s also set in post-apocalyptic North America, it’s not the same – and if it’s a knock-off, it’s a good one. So good, actually, that I believed it was better than The Hunger Games. The book, written by Veronica Roth, is 430+ pages of literary genius. The movie, matching up almost identically to the book, is cinematic genius.

Starring Shailene Woodley as Beatrice “Tris” Prior and Theo James as Tobias “Four” Eaton, this PG-13 action packed movie is 2 hours 20 minutes long.

In this movie, the city of Chicago is divided into five different factions, each founded on a different trait. The Abnegation are selfless, the Erudite are intelligent, the Candor are brutally honest, the Amity are peaceful and the Dauntless are brave. Tris starts off in Abnegation under the name Beatrice. She had trouble being selfless, realized she was divergent, and ended up switching into Dauntless.

Upon switching into Dauntless, she has to go through the faction’s initiation, which includes fighting, jumping on and off of trains and even jumping off the side of a huge building. Only 20 people make it through the initiation. The rest are deemed “factionless” and rejected by society.

Telling the entire plot of the movie would ruin it, so spend $5 on a weekday and go see it. It’s not a disappointment.