Behind the scenes of Freshman Shows


Director Mia Gjeldum (12) does her cast member Adam Gustas’s (9) makeup while fellow cast member Jeannie Lam (9) watches. Both actors were in the show “Cave Dream,” which was about hikers that fall into a cave.

With shaky hands and fast-beating hearts, freshman students took the stage for the first time for the Freshman Shows, but behind the scenes, students prepared for the event with their lines, costumes and makeup.

“I was terrified. I was actually petrified, but before the show I had a really good feeling that we would do great,” Adam Gustas (9) said.

To cope with nerves, some casts, like Freshman Show Director Nick Kiepura’s (11), practiced lines together as a cast.

“We go through lines because one of the first things that [the actors] forget when they’re nervous is lines. After we just let them relax to get prepared,” Kiepura said.

Other cast members practiced lines by meeting before the show and rehearsing.

“All three cast members went over the shows together at my other cast member’s house so we could practice lines,” Evelyn Reder (9) said.

In addition to practicing lines, students got into their makeup and costumes, including cast members from the show “Cave Dream,” who were made up to look like rocks.

“Basically we primed their faces and made shadows with contouring. Then we made their faces look like moss with a sponge,” Jessica Swatosh (11), makeup artist, said.

All of these preparations lead up to the big moment — the performance.

“You may think you see all the good stuff on stage, but backstage you get to see people transforming into their characters, and you make so many memories,” Gustas said.