JV girls tennis takes out Whiting with a win

Amber Stedt and Amber Stedt

On May 2, the JV girls tennis team traveled to Whiting to defeat the Oilers. The girls came home with a win of 6-1, and a lot of the girls felt confident in the way they played their game.

“I creamed her 8-1 and that’s a real achievement to me,” Kaitlin George (9) said.

Other girls are learning from their mistakes so they can become better tennis players.

“Next match I am going to stand at the back line and not stand in what they call ‘no man’s land.’ I am also going to try and be more patient and hit the ball more smoothly.  Overall I feel I am doing pretty good for it being my first year in tennis,” Anna Wachowski (9) said.

Even though some of the girls won, they found things they could improve on in their game.

“I think I played pretty well. I had some nice points, but then there are other little things that I saw I need to work on,” Katrina Lozanoski (9) said.

The JV girls took home a strong win and will be fighting for another on Tuesday, May 6, at home against Crown Point.