Sun’s out, lights out

Lunch time: a time for students to sit down, relax and socialize with their friends. But lately, the much-anticipated temperature rise in the cafeteria has been causing lunch time to be more uncomfortable than enjoyable. Lights have been turned off, fans have been placed and students have been feeling the heat.

Due to the recent heat wave the temperature has risen drastically in the cafeteria, which is the only part of the old school still standing, with the exception of the gym. The coolers that were initially placed in the ‘60s have left along with the old school, and they have not yet been replaced.

“I think that [the heat] is going to give people upset stomachs because when you get really hot, you can get heat flashes and get sick to your stomach and when you have to eat on top of that, it is just not going to be good,” Erica Keleman (10) said.

In order to keep the cafeteria as cool as possible, most of the lights in the cafeteria have been turned off.

“[The lights are out in the lunch room] because it is so hot in here. We are trying to make it cooler, and the fluorescent lights give off a little bit more heat [than other lights],” Cheryl Fulk, Food Services, said.

This extensive heat will last for the rest of the year. This problem should be fixed for the 2014-15 school year, but nothing is set in stone.

“From what I understand, we are not hooked up to the new compressor, so we will not have air for the rest of the year. This also means we will not have lights on [for the rest of the year] because we are trying to keep cool,” Fulk said.