Fashion Merchandising students attend Chicago Art Institute fashion show

Patterns. Prints. Colors. Textures. These things are usually seen only in textbooks and slideshows, but not anymore for Mrs. Cyndi Hurley’s, Business, Fashion Merchandising students. On Friday, May 3, Mrs. Hurley and her 22 students traveled to Chicago to see fashion come to life.

“[The fashion] you see there is usually what’s going to come here in probably two or three years, like the colors, the 60’s look, [and] structured jackets. It’s to give you a precursor on what’s to come,”  Mrs. Hurley said.

The fashion displayed at the event was not quite what students anticipated.

“I think they were all really surprised because they thought it would be more normal clothes coming down the runway.  It can be pretty ‘out there.’ The first models came out in face masks,”  Mrs. Hurley said.

The students learned about visual presentation of fashion, explored the realms of merchandising, and got to see what happens to people that dream big in the realm of design.

“It was really exciting. Everything was really inventive and kind of scary, but it was a nice experience,” Craig Bronson (10) said.