Student’s art benefits Rock the Easel

Jill DeGroot and lakecentralnews

On May 10 Lincoln’s Restaurant in Highland held a benefit  for a new up-coming business called Rock the Easel. Emily Frame (12) displayed her artwork in the restaurant and sold prints for $5. All proceeds were donated to Rock the Easel.

“Rock the Easel is hard to put into one category. It’s going to be a record store, a venue, a place to create and an art and music school. I don’t really call it my business, I call it everybody’s business,” Josh Becerra, owner of Rock the Easel, said.

This vintage store, which is supposed to open before July 3, will be located in Highland and is meant to be an outlet for artists in the Region.

“I was going to college to become a doctor, and it was burning inside of me so much that I had to quit and pursue this dream. I want to make people’s ideas come to life. People have dreams too, and I want to help them reach it. I just see an infinite amount of possibilities,” Becerra said.

Frame, who began her passion for art after taking classes in high school, was contacted by Becerra to be a part of the Rock the Easel benefit after he saw some of her pieces on social media and was immediately taken by them.

“I wanted to get my art out there, and this was a great opportunity to display it. I also wanted  to support Rock the Easel because I think it’s a good cause. We need a place to appreciate art,” Frame said.