Bringing Deutschland to the classroom

Ashley Bates and lakecentralnews

This year, matrix periods add extra instruction time for teachers; some teachers use this time to do practices or to treat it as a normal class.  As for Mrs. Leslie Iwema’s, World Language, German IV Honors class, the students attend the elementary schools to teach.

“[Attending the elementary schools] is exciting.  It is like an outreach program.  We’re raising awareness for the language since schools are phasing German out,” Emma Rose (12) said.

Students also express other emotions about traveling during the matrix class.

“It’s a cool experience to teach people a subject, especially a different language.  I was nervous about teaching the kids at first but overcame it.  I wish we could do it every day,” Mason Wiley (12) said.

The added benefit of having a small class provides the students with a more intimate approach to the language.

“I love the community we have in the class.  Since there aren’t many of us it’s more like German club than a class,” Leanne Mroz (12) said.

Some students from the class intend to expand their studies in the language to college.

“I’m thinking about taking German classes in college and maybe studying abroad for nursing,” Wiley said.