Hunter Hayes releases second album

With dubstep and electronic music dominating the radio stations, a song with deeper meaning can be hard to come across. However, Hunter Hayes has reached a balance of pop, country and inspiring lyrics.

Hayes released his new album “Storyline” on May 6 through Atlantic Records. The album features 14 songs including the song “Invisible.”  Hayes debuted “Invisible” at the 2014 Grammy Awards and released it digitally the same day. The song’s message conveys the idea of individuality and finding solace in friends. Hayes continues his message throughout the album with “Flashlight,” a ballad about finding a light when people are lost.

The album also includes a love ballad, “Still Fallin,” and multiple songs about break-ups, like “When Did You Stop Loving Me,” “Nothing Like Starting Over” and “If It’s Just Me.”

“Storyline” can be classified as an album for anyone from a lost teenager, a couple dating for years or a recently single person. The album is available on iTunes for $10.99.