Lady Indians battle Pirates

On May 13, varsity girls softball faced the Merrillville Pirates, winning with a score of  10-0  in just five innings. The weather conditions during the game showed that the girls could overcome adverse weather.

“It was cold, wet and rainy out, but it was the same for both teams, so we just kind of worked through it. It maybe a little [harder to play in this weather], but  we’ve all been playing long enough that we know how to handle it,” Ashley Nylen (11) said.

As the great score reflected a great game for the Indians, each player played to the best of their abilities.

“I did everything I could to help the team, and to get the win,” Nylen said.

Coming together as a team was essential for the girls’ win.

“I think we played good, we made a lot of adjustments at the plate, and our defense was pretty strong,” Sydney Scherzinger (11) said.

Throughout the game if the opposing team is losing, it is important to keep a positive attitude and not get too arrogant about the score.

“We all knew we just had to work hard and stay focused on the game, to do our best and stay up,” Nylen said.