Ice Cream in Chemistry

After taking the last chapter test of the year, Mrs. Ruiz’s 7th hour chemistry class conducted an ice cream lab experiment.  The goal was to create ice cream by pouring salt, cream and sugar into a sealed bag, and then kneading it on ice cubes until it became thick enough to eat.

“[The lab] applied to what we learned in class to something fun and interesting,” Katherine Maddy  (10) said.

The test took longer than expected, so students had about 10 minutes to complete the lab instead of 20.  Because of the time crunch, students did not have enough time to finish making the ice cream as thick as they preferred.  The end result was runny ice cream.

“The ice cream ended up mushy because of the salt and ice mixing with the cream and sugar,” Mrs. Ruiz said.

The class’s final upcoming lab will be tie-dying shirts Wednesday May 21.