Rainy day keeps the Pirates away

Emma Ritchie and Emma Ritchie

On May 13, the JV girls softball team played against the Merrillville Pirates. The cold and rainy weather had surprised the girls, but had no major effect as the girls won 17-0. Almost all the girls on the team had a chance to swing at the ball.

“We weren’t dressed for the cold. Most people weren’t prepared for it,” Haylee Sherlund (10) said.

As the season is winding down, the  team has made progress throughout the year. Despite the hard work and dedication put into this season, the girls have had a bit of bad luck.

“I think we have a strong offensive team this year. It has really pulled through in the last few games. We have lost more games this year then we have last year,” Reanna Reyes (10) said.

Ten freshmen and six sophomores make up this year’s JV softball team. The girls have worked hard this year to win their games.

“We have a really talented team, [and] a lot of good hitters. At first, it was hard to adjust to the new players but everyone gets along now,” Sherlund said.