Seniors involved in AP 2D and 3D art showcase their work

On Monday, May 19, the seniors in the AP art classes had an opening reception to showcase their artwork.

Most of the students have taken the class for two years, working hard on art pieces for events such as this one.

The featured seniors came from the AP 2D and AP 3D Art classes: Riana Revis, Emily Frame, Jenna Resendiz, Kelly Massei, Adeline Perez, Angelique Santiago, Hannah Pittman, Socheata Ing, Isaac Pyzik, Adrian Delgado and Maria Elgendi.

“It is important to us as teachers that the successes and accomplishments of our art students be showcased. They have truly discovered the gift of self-expression through their artwork,” Mrs. Christine Colle, Art, said.

The Senior Art Exhibit was a success for the students. There were families, friends and faculty that came to see the works of the students and support them.

“I love having a show just on seniors because we all have been working so hard for two years on these pieces,” Ing said.

The AP Senior Art Exhibit that was held in the Aquatic Center Foyer lasted for approximately two hours, but the work stayed up until Wednesday, May 21.

“It’s nice to walk around and appreciate everyone’s artwork that you know they worked so hard on,” Ing said.