Sectional setback

Jeannine Toth and Jeannine Toth

On Thursday, May 22, the varsity girls tennis team traveled to Crown Point High School to face the Kankakee Valley Kougars in the second round of Sectionals.

“I could have done better, but I always have next season to face these girls again, and I think that the whole team is going to be a lot stronger next year, too.  There’s always something to learn from a match, and although we didn’t win, I think everyone learned a lot about themselves and their opponents for next year,” Kristina Tinsley (9) said.

Losing 4-1 to Kankakee Valley, the girls season has a bittersweet ending.

“Well as my last match of the season, I’m really proud to say that I won, and to be the only position that won is also really cool.  I wish we had gotten to move on, either individually or as a team, but since I’m graduating this year, it was nice to be able to say that I played in Sectionals and I won, even if it wasn’t the whole thing,” Andjela Jovanovic (12) said.

The team begins pre-season conditioning on June 2 with open hitting at 3 p.m.  They will continue to hit 3-4 days a week into November, where they will lift weights and train inside until March.

“I know I’m excited to see how the team will be next year.  I know from here on out they’re only going to get stronger and better, so Crown Point needs to watch out; these girls are coming back better than ever,” Jovanovic said.