National Honor Society Inducts New Members

Sara Lisac and Sara Lisac

National Honor Society inducted 139 new members, including juniors and seniors, into their club on Apr. 21.  The induction ceremony started off with speeches from Lake Central’s NHS sponsor Mrs. Rhonda York, English, and last year’s officers.

Many members appreciate the club’s recognition of  those students who have gone above and beyond in their academics and extracurricular activities.

“Only 139 kids out of a thousand have been inducted and they worked hard to get that grade point average, so they should be recognized,” Nicholas Kiepura (11) said.

National Honor Society promotes character, scholarship, leadership, and service to the students inducted.  Many students enjoy the benefits that come along with being in NHS.

“I think [NHS] builds character and it looks good when you go off to college.  It shows that you were involved,” Erin Todd (11) said.

Not only do students join National Honor Society to show their involvement but they also join to better themselves and the community.  Members of NHS will help out their community and their school by completing  a total of  35 service hours during the year.

“It is good to give back and it’s a good experience. It’s good to have those skills that you get from volunteering,” Kiepura said.

At the close of the induction ceremony new office members were announced and the students and families who attended were welcomed into the Town Square for refreshments.