Spreading the spatter

Mrs. Rachael Thomas, science, expands Forensics outside the classroom

The Schererville Police Explorers Post 9-1-1 is made up of young men and women, between the ages of 16 and 21, from all over Lake County, Ind. Explorers join because of their shared interest in law enforcement and their desire to learn how police services are delivered. Many of these students attend Lake Central, so the police officer in charge, Officer Raul Otano, turned to the school to gain interest in his program. When he spoke to students about the forensics section of his program, it was Mrs. Rachael Thomas, science, that drew his attention.

“Officer Otano has been doing Explore and contacted the school  and came to Forensics, where he thought he would find the most students interested,” Mrs.Thomas said.

The program is geared towards educating career-oriented teens and young adults interested in law enforcement about the day-to-day operations of police work. During scheduled meetings and activities Explorers have the opportunity to learn about police work and how police departments operate by participating in training and hands-on activities.

“Every other Monday Explorers do different training. One of those Mondays, I will come in and talk about blood spatter and how you can use it to find out information about your victim,” Mrs.Thomas said.

Whether it is inside the classroom or in the community, Mrs. Thomas’ knowledge of forensics helps interested students more knowledgeable about solving crime through science.