REPA II Finalizes

Indiana board approves changes to teaching requirements

Teacher certification requirements have recently been revised by the announcement of new educational standards. REPA II is a new rule that requires additional teacher training in order to begin employment  at K-12 schools.

Unlike common rumors, educators still need a degree to teach. However, it does not need to be a specific degree, just one in a related field of study.

“In order to be eligible for Indiana teachers licensing, teaching applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree, complete an approved teacher education program and pass the state-required tests. For those applicants with a bachelor’s degree in non-education majors, Indiana has approved a new (and fairly controversial) rule known as REPA II that requires additional teacher training in order to begin working in Indiana K-12 schools.” ( )

Glenda S. Ritz is the incumbent Superintendent of Public Instruction for Indiana, and she was one of the opposing forces against this change. Ritz, however, was not the only opposing party. In the public forums of 2012, dozens of educators agreed with Ritz’s notion.

“These provisions lower education standards in Indiana,” said Gerardo Gonzalez, dean of Indiana University’s school of education. “They require significantly less preparation, teaching and leadership experience than ever before. It is very strange in light of calls to recruit the best and brightest into teaching.” (

Teaching, however, has not been completely degraded. There is still room for our current college graduate teachers, who now have a better chance of maintaining their jobs with extensive experience and education. The new rules have just been put in place to welcome younger opportunists who can test into a teaching position from an unrelated field of work and study.

“The license is only one avenue a potential teacher can pursue to get licensed and principals and superintendents have the option of hiring someone without the career specialist licensing. The State Board of Education will vote to finalize the requirements at its June meeting.” (