Guffaw performs at Foodstock

Band of LC students participate in a charity concert

Jenn Mohamed and Jenn Mohamed

On Friday, May 6. Guffaw, a band of Lake Central students, along with other various artists and bands from Crown Point, performed at Halls of Justice for the NWI Foodbank.

The band consists of Jacob Wahlen (12), Theofanis Rauch (12), Demitri Bairaktaris (12), and Matthew Carlton (12).

“A girl named Becca and our buddy, Dylan Taylor, put in a good word for us with the teacher in charge of Foodstock. Usually only musicians from Crown Point are allowed to perform, so it was cool that we could play. That was the biggest and best crowd that we ever played for,” Wahlen said.

The acts started at 6 p.m., and tickets were $5 with donation of two cans of food or $7. Each act performed for approximately 30 minutes.

“I usually go to Guffaw’s shows, but this one was cool because it was for a good cause,” Zachary Tarnow (12) said.

While Guffaw was onstage, an audience member successfully surfed the crowd. Near the end of their performance, the audience yelled for an encore.

“Going to Foodstock was a lot of fun and Guffaw played really well! It was a cool atmosphere,” Demitra Adams (11) said.