Showdown at sectionals

Varsity boys baseball defeats Munster in championship game


The varsity boys baseball team and coaches after winning the 4A sectional championship. The tournament was held at Munster High School.

Fans in blue and red met under the sun for the sectional championship game on Saturday, May 31 at Munster High School. In a heated game of baseball, the Indians beat Munster 4-1, taking home the 4A sectional title.

“It started off pretty well since we got ahead in the first inning, but once I saw that [Brenden Seren (12)] was pitching good, I knew that maybe one or two runs would be all that we needed. Once they got that huge error, that cost them two runs, that play shifted [the game] our way. I felt pretty good for most of the game,” Charles Alexa (12) said.

Seren threw the first pitch for Lake Central and despite the near 90-degree weather, he battled out the whole seven innings. However, with the sun beating down on him, the job was not a complete walk in the ballpark.

“When there was a guy on third, full count, and I think one out, you could definitely feel the intensity rising. The other team was getting more upbeat, but we got out of the inning,” Seren said.

Right off the bat, the boys scored a run in the first inning. During a pivotal at-bat in the fourth inning, they scored three more after letting up one run to Munster in the bottom of the third. Three more runs put the boys in the lead, but they did not take their eyes off the ball until the third out of the last inning.

“We were the underdog, but we shocked a lot of people who thought that Munster was going to pull it off because they’re ranked higher than us in the state. We knocked off the top dog in this tournament play, so anybody can win at any game,” John Gbur (12) said.