Students step into summertime service


Indiana senator Frank Mrvan, takes a look at Mr. Tom Clark’s, Social Studies, display. He also shared a speech at the opening ceremony before the walk.

Mr. Tom Clark, Social Studies, and three other students, Jarea Wilson (11), Kayla Hallowell (11), and Ryan Powers (11), spent their first morning of summer break volunteering at the Walk for Disabled American Veterans (DAV) held at Wicker Park in Highland on Saturday, May 31.

“Since I plan to join the military, I felt that I needed to give back to the veterans and show them respect,” Hallowell said.

The event was organized to raise money for veterans, and Mr. Clark was asked to set up a display. Under a pavilion, he laid out 32 shadow boxes, eight military uniforms and a projector that played a slideshow of many fallen soldiers.

“It came out really well. Last year, I helped at another event like this and [there wasn’t] a good turnout. When I came here and saw all the people, I thought it was put together really well. I like how Mr. Clark put out the files because a lot of people have come in to see them,” Hallowell said.

In the opening ceremony before the walk, Bob Carnagey, of the Hammond Chapter 17 DAV, encouraged all at the event to take a look at Mr. Clark’s display.

“These students have collected, over the years at Lake Central, items of memorabilia and information on some of our soldiers who have lost their lives. They’ve gone out to research many families. It’s very interesting and compelling. We thank Tom Clark and his students for helping us. When you look at this, you’ll understand that the young people of today do care,” Carnagey said.

Throughout the morning, many people were interested in not only Mr. Clark’s project, but also what his students had learned from it.

“I feel that Clark believes that everything he puts out there and all the work he puts into these projects is for others to see, so no one will forget. I’ve learned to look deeper into what happened, to look deeper into the stories instead of just the basics of what others put out there,” Wilson said.