Phase two in full swing

Construction presses on while students are on summer vacation


Debris from construction inside of the school is outside and ready to be disposed of. There is lots of debris from the destruction of the wall that once separated the cafeteria and main street

When students return to school in the fall of 2014, they will find that the Lake Central campus was a hub of activity while they were away. The construction of the new building is underway while students are at play.

“We are in what we call phase two of the project right now,”Bill Ledyard, director of construction facilities for Lake Central, said.

One of the multiple projects of phase two has been the construction of the new media center, which is taking the place of the old e-hall and pool. The new theater and auditorium are also being built.

“We’re pouring footings for the Lake Central High School Administration as well as the new competitive gym,” Ledyard said.

The new gym won’t be the only athletic aspect of Lake Central that will get a facelift during phase two.

“We’re doing the football building of the locker room and we started demolition of the JV baseball field as well, which will be the new varsity baseball field,” Ledyard said.

The maze of a parking lot that students navigated through over the years will be improved over the summer and ready when school starts in August.

“We’re doing the parking lot out east. It’s going to be a new parking lot. We’re going to put some new storm sewers in there,” Ledyard said.

Inside the school, revisions are being made to help students easily get from one place to another.

“We’re remodeling the town square area, where on both the north and south cafeteria, we’re going to knock out the west wall so they’ll open up to new main street. Students can come in from both the town square as well as main street hallway,” Ledyard said.

The construction of phase two is on schedule and will be finished by the fall of 2015.