Teen Wolf will leave you howling for more

Teen Wolf Season 4 Premiere


Emma Ritche and Emma Ritchie

Beacon Hills seems like a perfect place to live. Hot werewolves howling around shirtless and solving crimes. The return of Teen Wolf premiered Monday June 23. WIth new characters and storylines Jeff Davis, the producer brings jaw dropping and heart racing scenes in this Teen Wolf season.

In this season, Scott seems to more confident in his growl as being the alpha of his motley pack. Not only is Scott is more confident but more muscular as well as he broke free from being chained to a chair as he was being tortured. Scott seems to have control over any situation that crosses his path.

Stiles is definitely more sarcastic and charismatic by continuing his funny remarks in stressed situations. Even in the previous season when Dylan O’Brien, who acts as Stiles proved he does not only have jokes up his sleeves but also a dark and mysterious side as well. But Stiles is back and funnier than ever.

Lydia still grieves her best friend, Allison’s death. She is more in the dark of her supernatural powers of being a banshee. Lydia has how ever, been warming up to Stiles and there might just be a complicated love triangle with Stiles, Malia and Lydia. One thing that has not changed about Lydia, beside her evolving into a powerful ally, is her fashion sense. Lydia proves there is never a situation too horrible for fashionable footwear.

Keira is becoming more care free and letting loose as her recently found talent as being a firefox, meaning she can do what she wants with electricity. Coming out of her comfort zone as fighting with a samurai sword, she can also fight with nunchucks.

The newest member of the pack is Malia. Who has recently returned as human from being a coyote for a majority of her life. Malia has only showed interest in Stiles. She does how ever act without thinking much through, putting her and the rest of the pack in danger.

And Derek Hale hasn’t aged a bit (pun included if you saw the season premier). In the second episode of this season, will explain Dereks youthful appearance

This season seems promising with new attractive characters, new supernatural enemies, and twists and turns that will leave you breathless. Teen Wolf is on Mondays at 9 p.m. followed by the after show Wolf Watch at 10 p.m..