Life’s a Highway

Tips to make this summer the drive of your life

Hannah Giese and Hannah Giese

Summer is a time when students get a mental break from all of their crazy schoolwork. There are plenty of activities to do in the summer, including taking road trips.

Some people may groan at the idea of being in a car for hours, but here are some tips to have a fun time on the road.

1. Make a playlist.

Make a playlist of your favorite upbeat songs, especially ones you know all the words to. Singing in the car is one way to pass time during the drive.

2. Bring food.

Being hungry in the car can steer things south, so bring plenty of snacks to munch on. More snacks means less time and money spent at fast food restaurants.

3. Pick out your favorite books.

Reading good books is another way to pass time. If there’s been a book you’ve been dying to read – or, if you want to get a head start on a summer reading project – take it on the road.

Road trips can be really fun and a great opportunity to make summertime memories. Drive safe and enjoy the ride.