Photo Frenzy


Abagail Betancourt (10) smiles for her school picture on Thursday Aug. 27. The photos were taken in the LGI room by Giola’s photography.

Jessica McCullough, Author

On Thursday, Aug. 28, the LGI room was filled with freshmen, sophomores, and juniors waiting to get their yearbook photo taken by Giolas photography company.

“[School photos] do [cut in on class time] but it doesn’t take long [and] it’s pretty well organized,” Mrs. Rhonda York, English, said.

Some students put a lot of effort and thought into the picture day process.

“I showered and picked out my outfit the night before, and I woke up at five [a.m.] and put on my outfit then straightened my hair and did my makeup and put my jewelry on,” Cecelia Desiderio (11) said.

While some had everything planned out, others had their clothes decided for them.

“I didn’t mind it [wearing my football jersey to school pictures]. I would have dressed up if I had pictures tomorrow because we didn’t have to wear our jerseys,” Tyler Wagner (9) said.