Kick-starting the season

Hannah Giese, Author

The boys soccer team started the season off strong by winning 3-0 against the Andrean 49ers during the first match at home on Aug. 18.

“I was confident. I’ve been training a lot of these guys since they were 10 years old, so I kind of expect that they are going to be ready for the game. I thought we were well-prepared and I thought we had a good pre-season. We spent a lot of time in the summer training, so I felt like we were [going to] get the result we needed. I was just nervous about how they would react to the adrenaline of the first match,” Mr. Jereme Rainwater, Head Coach, said.

The first goal was scored during the first 19 minutes of the game by Naser Tahawah (10). The last two goals were scored early in the second half by Nikko Kolintzas (10).

“I felt good that I scored two goals but I couldn’t of scored without connecting through the middle of the ball on the field with my other teammates. I felt pretty hyped before the game because it was our first home game and we don’t have a lot of home games this year,” Kolintzas said.

Coach Rainwater has high hopes for this year’s team, and many of the players believe they can achieve major success this season.

“I look forward to our next game against Crown Point, that’s our first goal. As a team we obviously want to win the DAC, that’s the first step and then go through regionals into semi-state and get us as far as we can in the tournament,” Kyle Kill (12) said.

The next boys game will be Wednesday, Aug. 20 at Crown Point.