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The Lake County Fair sign hangs on the fence of the entrance to welcome visitors. The Lake County Fair ran from 9 in the morning to midnight every day.

Veronica Davis, Author

The Lake County Fair is a summer event that takes place at the Lake County Fairgrounds in Crown Point every August. Between various food stands and carnival rides, there is plenty to do.

“This isn’t our first time. We’ve been coming here for probably a few years now with the family. It’s just a fun place to go every summer, and you could say we definitely look forward to it,” Mary Speck said.

Many people who attend the fair are not new-comers. Some attractions are highly anticipated.

“My favorite [event] is the pig race they have every year. It’s one of the things we come to the fair for,” Caroline Smith said.

There are various food stands surrounding the fair that are usually a big hit among visitors. The fried oreos, fried pickles, and freshly squeezed lemonade stands are among some of the most popular stands.

“They have the best fried Oreos here. That is usually one of our first stops.  [You] can’t imitate the ones they have here,” Mark Davids said.

Nothing beats the excitement visitors feel each year when the smell of fair food and sounds of laughter radiate within the fairground’s gates.

“There’s something different about this one. Not only it’s size, but the fairgrounds really bring everyone together,” Mary Speck said.