Varsity Boys Soccer stomp over Michigan City


Jorge Trujillo (12) protects Lake Central’s goal against Michigan City player. Trujillo did not let any goals through during the game.

Erin Dosen, Author

On the sunny afternoon of Aug. 27, the varsity boys soccer team defeated Michigan City with a score of 2-0. The boys believe that they played their hardest and are motivated to stay that way for upcoming games of the season.

“Overall, I thought we played well. We moved the ball well and we kept most of the possession throughout the game. It was a good win,” Jorge Trujillo (12) said.

The boys scored their first goal during the first half of the game, which increased their excitement to play the rest of the game. Keeping that motivation during the game came out to benefit the boys with a win.

“After a good win like this, it always feels great. It’s a bit of a confidence booster and hopefully it comes in to play next week against Portage. We just need to make sure we don’t lose focus,” Trujillo said.

Even after a win, the boys make sure to stay motivated and fix any mistakes they may have made during this game.

“Finishing is definitely the main thing we need to improve on. We create good chances but don’t finish them. If we did, we could be winning games by much larger margins,” Samuel Willis (12) said.

The next game will be at home against Portage High School on Wednesday, Sept. 3.