Open house starts of the year


Stephanie Foster (11) and Laurel Gonsiorowski (11) advertise the 50/50 raffle in Main Street. The raffle was sponsored by Dollars For Scholars.

Joey Pavell, Author

On Sept. 3, parents and students swarmed the hallways to attend Lake Central’s annual Open House. Open House gives parents the opportunity to simulate what their children do every day.

“I think open house is extremely important. I think that there should be one each semester so parents get the opportunity to see their children’s semester teachers, too,” Mr. Ralph Holden, Social Studies, said.

Open House worked just like an average school day; parents had a six-minute passing period to get to their ten-minute meeting with teachers. In that ten-minute period, teachers explained their curriculum and answered any questions the parents had.

“I like how parents can view their kids’ schedules, the rigor of the instruction being delivered in the classrooms, passing periods and figure out the building so they can understand what their kids experience on a day to day basis,” Mrs. Melissa Rettig, Dean of Guidance, said.

Students from the National Honors Society scoured the hallways in order to direct parents through the winding hallways of the Freshman Center and three-story academic wing.

“I think it is really important for parents to attend Open House so they can see what their children endure every day, like the hallways or walking down the stairs,” Nicholas Kiepura (12) said.

Parents also had the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets through Dollars For Scholars. The raffle was a 50/50 raffle, which means whoever won the raffle kept half of the funds raised, where Dollars For Scholars kept the other half.

“[The raffle] helped Dollars For Scholars because the other half of the money not given away comes back to the students in the form of a scholarship,” Rettig said.

The night’s events wrapped up around 8 p.m. Open House, however, is not not the only opportunity to connect with teachers. Teachers are available year-round through their emails and extensions.