JV Girls Soccer Beats Munster


Abby MeseBerg (9) and Kaila Crague (11) run to get the ball. The girls faced off to get the ball.

Hannah Pratt, Author

The JV girls soccer team faced off against Munster on Sept. 4. With a homefield advantage, the girls won 2-1.

“I think we [as a team] did well. Munster’s always a tough competition and we worked together. We lost our composure a little towards the middle of the game, but we got it back and we came back and scored another,” said Megan Tuemer (10) said.

As a team, it is important to play well with each other, especially during tough situations. The girls hit a rough patch in the beginning of the game, but in the the second quarter they worked together and came back.

“The second half we kind of picked it up and got passes together,” said Tabby Burrink (10) said.

Compared the last year’s team, the girls mesh together better. Even though they won the game and played well, there are always things a team can improve on.

“We probably could’ve tried to make more plays and kept our composure definitely, and moved around and off the ball better,” Tuemer said.

Even though Munster was a tough competition, the girls are looking forward to some fierce competition this season.

“[I think] Valparaiso [will be our toughest competition], we are kind of training to beat them I guess,  they beat us last year at regionals and we just want to come back and beat them. They didn’t beat us by very many in our seasons, so we just kinda want to come back and get them,” Tuemer said.

The girls have different views on who their toughest competition will be.

“[I think] probably Chesterton [will be our toughest competition]. They beat Valpo and Valpo is our biggest competitor,” Burrink said.

The girls’ next game is at Griffith on Thursday, Sept. 11.