Freshman team kicks off season with excitement

Emma DiPasquo, Author

The Freshman football team kicked off their season with a loss AT 21-8, but are dedicated to making a strong comeback at their next game.

“The most rewarding part [about being on the team] is probably being with the team because they are just so fun to be around, play football with and how fun the coaches make it for us,” Cantu (9) said.

Cantu is the freshman football team’s new quarterback, who previously played at Grimmer Middle School.

“It is more advanced and I learned a lot more [than in middle school]. I, myself, learned a lot more as a quarterback,” Cantu said.

Transitioning from a middle school team to a high school team can be a big change for a lot of people: more hours spent at practice, new coaches and new teammates.

“The coaches help us learn our positions better and what we can do to do our best at it,” Cantu said.

The Freshman team did not get the win on their first game, but are practicing for improvement.
“We all wanted to win, but we just didn’t put enough effort into it to win. I was a little [excited and nervous]. I was hoping we would do better, but we just have to work harder,” Cantu said.