JV Girls Soccer gains win against Griffith


Madison Sarkey (9) passes the ball to a teammate. This is Sarkey’s first year playing for Lake Central.

Jessica Wojton, Author

On Thursday evening, Sept. 11, the girls JV soccer team crushed the Griffith Panthers with a score of 8-0.

“We always have to work hard no matter what team it is.  Griffith was just another competitor,” Meghan Teumer (10) said.

Teumer also led the Lady Indians ahead with the first score of the night within the first few minutes.  After only 10 minutes, Lake Central was in the lead by 4 points.

“I felt like they started off much stronger than they did in previous games. They kept it going through and because the score kind of got ran up we switched players around,” Mr. Alex Graves, JV coach, said.

The Panthers got worn out quickly while the girls kept the crowd alive by scoring goal after goal.

“I think we possessed the ball well. We weren’t as frantic as we are sometimes.  We had more control on the field,” Cara Scott (10) said.

The team worked together by giving each other a chance to show their skills. Having played side-by-side for a while now, the girls are familiar with each other’s moves.

“I think we’re all pretty close so it’s nice to have team chemistry,” Scott said.

Saturday, Sept. 13, the girls will play at home against LaPorte at 10 a.m.