Indians muzzle hungry bulldogs


The defense celebrates after Logan Lambert (12) intercepted a pass from Crown Point’s quarterback, Artie Equihua (11). The defense forced three takeaways that helped push them to their 27-13 victory.

Cassidy Niewiadomski, Author

Although temperatures reached below 50 degrees on Friday, Sept. 12, the varsity football team faced the Bulldogs in a heated game at Crown Point. With a victory of 27-13, the team certainly didn’t have cold feet on the field.

“Going into the game, the team was really pumped up because of the fact that a lot of people in the area had us losing against a really good 3-0 Crown Point team. After a big rivalry game, the team is in general more excited for the next game and to keep going to go into the post-season at the top of our game,” Colin Studer (11) said.

In the first play of the game, Logan Lambert (12) snatched a pass from Crown Point’s Artie Equihua. Throughout the game, the team forced three turnovers.

“I knew that play was going [to happen] because we reviewed it in film. When I saw the tight end go out, I was lucky to have good coverage. It was crazy because it really got our team going,” Logan Lambert (12) said.

By halftime, the game was tied 13-13. In the fourth quarter, the Indians scored 14 more points against the Bulldogs. After Charles Sykes’s (12) go-ahead touchdown and less than three minutes left on the clock, a crowd of Crown Point fans began leaving before they could see Brandon Scott (12) score the final touchdown of the game.

“Once Chuck scored, it gave the team a lot of confidence that we were going to win this game. Then on defense, we made a huge stop and from there we had a lot of momentum and we rolled with it. The best part of winning against a rivalry was the fact that we proved a lot of people wrong. I knew it was going to be a close game, but we wanted the game more than them,” Lambert said.