Fire drill causes delay


Students wait to be allowed back into the school after the fire alarm went off. The fire alarm went off before first hour on Sept. 16.

Noelle McBride, Author

The cold air hit students like a brick as they evacuated the building the morning of Sept. 16 for an unexpected fire drill.

“No one really knew where to go and kids were still coming in and out of the building,” Kiera Schultz (12) said.

Some teachers had to adjust their schedules in order to maintain the curriculum.

“I had to remove something that we intended to use this class. We’ll use it at another time, it’s not a big deal. Unfortunately, uncontrollable things like that come up and, as teachers, we have to be flexible to be able to move forward but not be able to lose anything that time might not allow,” Mr. Christopher Engel, English, said.

While standing outside among their peers, students wondered what the reason for the drill was. Once all of the students successfully returned into the building, Mr. Robin Tobias, Principal, explained to the students that there was a technical difficulty with the construction that is going on currently.

“I thought it was nice that [Mr. Tobias] told us what happened so we didn’t have to worry if anything was wrong,” Sean Meyer (11) said.

With the fire drill so early in the morning, the students had extra time to prepare for their days.

“It caught me off guard because I was doing homework and I just had to run out. I had just made it to the third floor so it was a long way down. It took awhile to get back in because there was so many students and then they told us that first hour started so we came in late and we were counted tardy,” Kylie Shoemake (12) said.