Iconic Indian head makes final appearance


Construction workers take down the Indian Head. The Indian head was once on the front of the Field House.

Joey Pavell, Author

On Oct. 8, the Indian head that once gleamed on the facade of the Field House was taken down.

“[The Indian] is in bad condition. It is made out of plywood, and due to weathering, it has become brittle, and there are some pieces that have fallen off,” Mr. Robin Tobias, Head Principal, said.

The removal of the Indian head was also completed in order to help the Field House look more uniform with the rest of the school.

“There is a plan to do some staining and cleaning [on the Field House] because it is not going anywhere. Since it has new construction on either side of it, they are going to stain it to make the Field House brick look youthful again and make it go along with the new construction, so that Indian head needs to come down,” Mr. Tobias said.

There are no set future plans for the Indian, though ideas have been proposed.

“If the Indian head is in good enough condition, we are going to hang it in the Field House. It depends if the Indian head is salvageable. If it is not, we have contacts with some people that were involved with it,” Mr. Tobias said.

The front of the Field House will hopefully not remain bare for long. A plan has been proposed to institute a new sign reading “Lake Central High School” but an exact spot has not been determined yet.