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Mrs. Melissa Rettig , Dean of Guidance, shares her experiences in her position.

Mrs. Melissa Rettig , Dean of Guidance, coordinates the Guidance Department. In the past few months, Mrs. Retting and other Guidance counselors have been meeting with seniors to make sure they are on track for their post high school plans.

Q – How/When did you obtain the position of Dean of Guidance?

A – I learned of the position last spring and obtained it at the end of the school year. I started [working in my position] at the end of the summer.

Q – How often does this position change?

A – This position was created this year. Mrs. Sandy Wright was the director of guidance previously and for the last two years Mr. Begley was the Head of Guidance.

Q – As Dean of Guidance, what are your main responsibilities?

A – To help coordinate the events that guidance is in charge of. [From a day-to-day basis] I oversee a staff of eight counselors, the registrar, and the guidance secretaries. I basically help things run smoothly.

Q – In the future, what are some personal goals that you hope to achieve with your current position?

A – I want to change how other people view Lake Central. We are one of the best school’s in the state and the nation and I want people to know that. I feel like that is one of the most important things we need to do.

Q – What have you done with your position so far that you are particularly proud of?

A – The school profile. It is sent out with the transcripts and it goes along with my goal of informing people of what a great school we are. It is sent out to colleges along with scholarships so it’s kind of like our brag sheet.

Q – What are some of your additional responsibilities throughout the school?

A – I serve on a lot of committees and I attend the department head meetings. I also attend world languages, try to help out with testing, and am on the alumni team. [Since] we just recently switched to naviance we have all been working on figuring it out together and how it fits our students needs.

Q – What are some of your expectations for Naviance?

A – I would like for all of our students, [especially] seniors, to be accessing it. We are a bigger school, so it’s a way for us to personalize what we do with them [the students]. It’s a [great] way to track the students goals and find out what their four year plan is.

Q – How do you have an impact on students at the school? How are you involved in their four years here at Lake Central?

A – We will be starting freshmen meeting next month and were hoping that we could introduce them to naviance [at the meeting]. [This way], we can find out their four year plan and keep meeting with them every year to make sure we are all on track.

Q – What is your daily routine like?

A – I always think that I will go to work and do A,B, and C and go home completing D,E, and F. It fluctuates day to day.


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