Annabelle disappoints


Noelle McBride, Author

“Annabelle” is a horror movie about a doll who is possessed by a demon named Annabelle. Annabelle haunts the young couple who own the doll. The movie, starring Annabelle Wallis and Word Horton, came out on Oct. 3.

There was a lot of hype for this movie. It was obvious while watching it that the main intent was to scare the audience.

Though the movie achieved its purpose — as I was terrified for a lot of the movie — the actual plotline was not very good. In fact, it seemed as if the ending of the movie was thought up as a last resort.

This article is not to bash on the movie, the actors fit their parts well. Wallis, the main character, was honestly believable in her presentation as a scared, protective mother.

Speaking of being scared, there were a lot of screams in the theater, including my own. If anyone is debating on seeing this movie solely for the scare-factor, it is a must-go.